March 2013 Progress Report

In March I tarried. I lolligagged. I wallowed. In Spain.

I got behind on my blogging because I was catching up on my drinking; especially a few bottles of Tempranillo (Spanish wine) that I found at (where else) Trader Joe’s. Let me tell you, the Egri Bikiver from Hungary was nothing compared to that Tempranillo. Stuff packs a wallop.

So, in its own way, does Don Quixote.

I loved it, I hated it, I loved it again, I got bored with it, I skipped parts, I re-read others, I got bored with it again, I remained stubbornly determined to finish it! My boss saw me packing it around at work and summed up the story in one word: Adventurous.

As soon as I find my way out of the last 200 pages, I will blog about the adventure of reading a book written over 400 years ago, during the Spanish Inquisition. It’s been a trip.

It was also quite amusing to read Bitter Lemons (Cyprus), by Lawrence Durrell, at the same time that the Cypriot banking crisis was so much on NPR news. Likewise, Korea, by Simon Winchester, as the current Dear Leader rattles his sabers just like dear old Dad. And Granddad.

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