Gluten Free Spokane

List of Gluten-Free Food in Spokane (Alpha by Type):

It’s hard to travel with a food allergy. Opinions are my own–no disrespect intended to any company/product–I just know what I like. Addresses and products not guaranteed–please Google addresses or call the business to make sure they have what you want.

I am not a doctor and this is not advice of any kind.

last update: July 20, 2015

GF Restaurants & Stores

List of Gluten-Free Food in Spokane (Alpha by Type):


Haven’t found any good GF bagels. Still looking – don’t give up hope!

Banana Bread

Rosauers in Browne’s Addition: 1808 W. 3rd Ave: Husband says it’s good. Like regular banana bread, not that I can eat it because of my banana allergy. 😉



Alpine Bakery (810 N. Monroe) — Celiac Friendly

Recent article in the Inlander says they have a dedicated GF baking room so no cross-contamination for celiacs.

  • The day I was there the GF choices were limited: However, the jalapeno-cheddar bread was delish! Excellent with cheese, or cream cheese.
  • Heads up for the holidays: they have GF bread cubes and croutons.

Inlander says they bake white, multigrain and jalapeno cheddar bread, along with hamburger buns, bread cubes, croutons, and a rotating list of pastries like brownies, peanut butter cookies, pumpkin cake and muffins.

White Box Pies (1215 N. Ruby)

Baked fresh daily. Super good.

Good Enough

Franz Multi-grain GF bread, available at larger Rosauers (not the smaller ones) and Safeways. For a packaged store-bought bread, this is the bread that has a texture and taste like real bread.


Most other breads you buy in the frozen section in bags. The textures on these aren’t right – at least to my taste -they’re store-bought in the plastic bag breads so not that great to begin with, you have to buy many of them frozen, and the paelo bread…I don’t remember the brand but it tasted like a dish sponge. The texture was awful AND it was so salty I could barely eat it. I paid $8 for the loaf and ended up throwing the whole thing away. What a waste.

Note: Frank’s Diner (W. 2nd Ave plus another location) now has GF bread you can substitute for English muffins on their breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

Bread Crumbs/Crutons

Alpine Bakery, Trader Joes. Before a holiday, get yours early because they WILL sell out.


Rosauers in Browne’s Addition (1808 W. 3rd Ave): Recently their bakery has been producing a variety of delicious GF cookies: A tad rice flour taste but you can’t help that. Peanut butter, peanut butter with chocolate frosting, ginger, and frosted shortbread.

Chicken Nuggets

Yes! I found GF chicken nuggets at the big Rosauers–1724 West Francis Ave. Frozen, from Foster Farms. You microwave for about 1-2 minutes and they taste wonderful. Breading uses yellow corn flour.

Cream Puffs

White Box Pies. Yum.

Corn Dogs

Frozen GF corn dogs are also available at the big Rosauers, also produced by Foster Farms. Sadly, they aren’t very good. The breading falls apart in the microwave if you keep them in there long enough to heat the hot dog. I would suggest heating on the stove, in oil, or better yet, re-deep frying in a Fry Daddy if you have one.

English Muffins


Glutenbusters: (2015 N. Division) Fresh and homemade from white quinoa flour, agave, amaranth, etc. They taste like real and delicious English muffins. Lots of other awesome GF baked goods and raw cheese/milk etc.


Packaged English muffins – yellow and really spongy, like a dish sponge.


Are naturally gluten free. Rosauers bakery just made some coconut macaroons that were moist and delicious! Sweet Frostings has an awesome selection of about 8 different flavors and colors of macaroons, also very tasty.


The Old European restaurant has GF pancakes. They’re pretty good. The homemade raspberry jam has never made me sick.

Molly’s has excellent GF buckwheat waffles, and GF buckwheat pancakes.


Lots of restaurants have GF pasta, even if it’s only one type (usually spaghetti noodles). Luigi’s, Ferarro’s, Twigs, Wild Sage, etc. Just ask. Even if they don’t have a GF menu, they’ll usually have GF pasta. GF pasta tastes pretty much the same as regular to me, but a few friends don’t think so. They say Tinkyada is the best if you’re buying pasta to cook at home. Even the small Rosauers – and probably most stores – have GF pasta.



Europa: Several topping choices and excellent crust. This is just as good as regular pizza.

Monterey Café: I remember this as pretty good and possibly excellent – Lots of toppings including Greek. You can also order to go – parking can be a pain as it’s downtown.

Rock City Grill: GF crust is very good, several toppings available. I love the New York Cheese.

Twigs: Several topping choices and very good crust. Also as good as regular pizza.



Pizza Rita: For those times when you want to order in or just get something quick to take home, it’s ok. Kudos to them for having a GF option available because I used to love to order pizza and eat it at home with my family in front of a movie. Unfortunately, at this time the texture is really flat, and it tastes a lot like potato. It’s ok but doesn’t really taste like “pizza” to me.


White Box Pies: Delicious. Choice of several flavors. Pie by the slice or buy and entire pie.


Boots Bakery: 1 soup available daily, it’s always GF when I go. Also delicious.

Luigis: GF Minestrone always offered. Great if you love minestrone. Contains chickpeas.

Main Street Market: 2 soups available each day, usually both are GF but sometimes just one. Delicious.

Method Juice Café: One or two soups daily, they’ve always been GF when I’ve gone. Good.

Soulful Soups: Usually 3-5 GF soups. No GF bread but if your partner or friend can eat gluten, their beer bread is raved about. I used to love eating it. Sigh. Anyway, tasty soup.

Taste: Seems to have the GF tomato quinoa always available. Not my favorite because I don’t love tomato soup.


See Bread Crumbs/Croutons.


Boots Bakery has awesome pumpkin waffles from time-to-time. If the day you go isn’t a waffle day, they will usually have some GF cupcakes or pastries, GF soup, and/or other GF and vegan entrees. It’s what they’re all about.

White Box Pies currently offers a choice of : fruit, pecan, bacon, chocolate chip, plain or banana-and-nut waffles, all GF.

Frozen GF toaster waffles available in most of the larger stores here.


Coffee Cup Café in the Skywalk – It’s my understanding that the owner was GF for years and has relatives who are, so she really knows her GF stuff. You can get egg/bacon/cheese/veggie wraps with GF shells at her place. Sometimes other GF offerings. Also, she knows which syrups are GF and safe for your coffee.

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