Gluten Free Spokane

Which Foods Contain Gluten

By no means a comprehensive list. Everybody’s body is different. I don’t have celiac (not diagnosed, anyway). I may have a wheat intolerance issue where I can eat a tiny bit and get away with it. But I totally avoid it now if I can, because I just feel better.  The following list are things I’ve found that bother me personally. I’m not a doctor and this isn’t meant to be advice.

I am now in the habit where I ALWAYS read the label. More and more companies are stamping safe foods as “gluten free” or “certified gluten-free”.

Gluten-Free Restaurants/Stores in Spokane

1) A Problem For Me:

Dark-colored sodas, sauces and alcohols. Rum gives me diarrhea, as does Whiskey; cheap soy sauce is made from wheat, and sometimes soda pop upsets my stomach.

I’ve been told that cheap caramel coloring is thickened with wheat, so that could be why some BBQ sauces contain gluten. The server at Wild Sage hinted last visit that food coloring like “Red No. 5” can contain gluten.

Beer of course is made from hops so is a no-no for me, and even beer labeled “GF” really made me sick one time so I stay far away from it.

Instead, I Try:

GF soy sauce – Available in most supermarkets. I get Kikkoman’s and take the bottle with me in my purse when I go to eat Chinese food and/or Mongolian grill. Fresca or 7-Up seems to be fine. Colorless alcohols like Cruzan rum, which is the color of water, is fine. Gin and tequila and wine are fine for me too.

Gin, tequila, wine and/or colorless rum like Cruzan. Wild Sage infuses their own colorless rum with hibiscus and lavender and all sorts so that’s a fun option for me.

Beware vodka! I always thought that vodka was made out of potatoes. NOT ANYMORE. On a recent (May 2016) trip to Rosauers, my husband and I found that every single vodka was made from wheat. There were two exceptions: one vodka imported from Poland which said “potato vodka” (and could still contain grain–we didn’t know) and Tito’s, which says Gluten-Free right on the label.

2) A Problem For Me:

Blue Cheese Dressing. Sometimes it is fine and sometimes not. I always ask if it’s GF even when I’ve eaten in a restaurant before, because their recipe can change. Currently the blue cheese dressing at the Outback isn’t safe, but the blue cheese dressing at Europa is. Go figure.

Ranch is usually safe, but I don’t really like it.

3) A Problem For Me:

Sausage/Hot Dogs/Any meat in a fast-food restaurant

Sometimes meat will have fillers, like breadcrumbs, and sometimes a package of bacon or sausages in the store will be stamped gluten-free. I always try to remember that bacon, for example, could be “hickory-smoked” or “molasses-cured” and the sauces might have gluten even if the meat doesn’t.

4) A Problem For Me:

Ice Cream

It just sometimes has gluten. At a local Italian restaurant for example, you get Spumone ice cream after the meal – included in the price. But it isn’t safe for me to eat so I skip it.

5) A Problem For Me:

Lamb in Gyros

I was still eating gyros up until this fall, when a server at my local Greek restaurant told me that their lamb comes in a package from somewhere else – pre-coated with wheat crumbs to make it stick together. I’ve looked at that meat and never thought it had wheat on it. But it does. Obviously the gyro wrappers are made of wheat.

Watch Out For

  • Au jus sauce
  • Corned beef hash
  • Sausage/cheap crumbled meat in fast food restaurants
  • French fries or sweet potato fries — can be coated with wheat
  • Ice cream and yoghurt — can be thickened with gluten

I’m discovering new sources of gluten all the time, so as I know more, I’ll add more. Feel free to drop me a line if you see something that should be on the Watchlist.




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