Gluten Free Spokane

Gluten Free Holidays

I’m not a doctor and this isn’t advice: Just what has worked for me.

Your first GF holidays can be depressing if nobody else has food issues. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be like that. GF staples of a wonderful Thanksgiving or Christmas meal are available so you can still enjoy the foods from your childhood.

Surviving Your First Gluten Free Holiday – It Gets Better

old fashioned print, lady says go ahead honey it is all gluten free


Be sure that if your turkey isn’t stamped GF, it hasn’t been injected with “natural flavoring” (what is this? could be malt barley…) or any other substance containing gluten.


Watch out for smoked hams, as Smoke flavoring can contain gluten, like all dark sauces.


Cornbread stuffing doesn’t usually contain just corn, they seem to always add flour.

Good news–You can get bagged dried GF bread crumbs from Trader Joe’s or the Alpine Bakery, and you used to be able to get them from Glutenbusters. If you don’t think about it until too late, try the Main Street Market or Huckleberries. OR, you can buy a box of GF croutons from Rosauers. This didn’t work as well as I wanted last year but it was better than nothing. Or, if you have GF bread around, go ahead and dry it out in the oven or cupboard and use that.

Be aware that, at least in Spokane, all the stores that carry packaged bread crumbs run out about 4-5 days before the holiday, so buy yours early.


Gravy mixes aren’t a good idea, but you can make gravy from scratch using the turkey fat just like usual. Instead of thickening with flour, you’re going to use instant potato flakes. Or corn starch.


Check out White Box Pies restaurant in Spokane to see if they have GF pies for the holidays. Or, if you bake, try crushing up some GF gingersnap cookies for the crust of a pumpkin pie.


Frozen packages of Udis GF classic French dinner rolls may be available from Safeway, Rosauers or the Main Street Market or Huckleberrys.


Avoid beer, but fruit cider or wine are both nice ways to celebrate with family and friends.

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