Into the Bermuda Triangle (Bermuda)

Map of Bermuda
Where the heck is Bermuda?

Book coverby Gian J. Quasar

Atlantis and aliens and vortices, oh my! This book is not at all what I was expecting, although maybe I should have. It is strangely structured:

  1. Planes missing in the Triangle
  2. Derelict ships in the Triangle
  3. Debunking of pilot Larry Kusche’s 1975 book The Bermuda Triangle Solved
  4. Possible explanations including weather, pilot error, the spinning vortex which may or may not be a wormhole, Atlantis, crystals, Edgar Cayce’s psychic predictions, aliens and UFOs…
  5. The Devil's Sea off the East coast of Japan protected the islanders from invasion by Kublai Kahn, among others.
    The Devil’s Sea off the East coast of Japan protected the islanders from invasion by Kublai Kahn, among others.

    Comparison with the “Devil’s Sea” in Japan where similar events are common (and a strangely illogical presentation of East v.s. West)

  6. Debunking of classical geology theories like strata layering (uniformitarianism) and radio carbon dating in favor of cataclysmic theory, resulting in an oddly Creationist approach to the age of the earth (6,000 years)
  7. Transcripts between planes that have disappeared and the Towers that had last contact with them

Despite my huge problems with the research and presentation of the ideas in this book, I simply couldn’t put it down.

The Good Bits

This picture creeped the crap out of me.
This picture creeped the crap out of me.

When presenting a classic Triangle mystery, the author presents the most likely explanations, then does a “But what about…”. For example, the disappearance of everyone on board the Mary Celeste, a derelict ship found abandoned in 1872 off the Azores Islands in the Triangle.

Photo Credit:

Pink sand beach in Bermuda
It’s a shame the crew and passengers on the Mary Celeste (the Captain’s family) didn’t make it to the pink sands of Bermuda

I have a special feeling for the Mary Celeste, because the ship’s story was also a Nova I.C.I. (Tokyo English-language school) Quest lesson for intermediate English speakers. Level 5, I believe.

  • It could have been piracy (But then why were valuables left on board?)
  • It could have been insurance fraud (But then why did none of the passengers ever turn up again?)
  • It could have been sickness or they could have been overcome by fumes from their cargo of denatured alcohol (But then where did the bodies go?)
  • It could have been mutiny by the crew (But then again, where did the mutineers go?)
  • It could have been an attack by a giant squid (But…oh, never mind.)
Bahams pirate stamps
In 1872, New Providence Island in the Bahamas was a refuge for notorious pirates like Captain Kidd and Edward Teach (Blackbeard).

(My smart husband, when confronted with this puzzle, immediately said: “Forget the Captain’s possessions and those of his family which were found aboard. In 1872, the items of greatest value on board a ship would have been the people.” He theorizes that pirates took the ship and sold the captives into slavery. And it is telling that Triangle disappearances of planes seem to have stopped cold since 2008. Could this be because we now have satellites that can see most everything?)

The Bad Bits

  • UFO
    UFO in the Triangle

    Text: Too much at once. Pages and pages of black lines stretching to infinity.

  • Lists: Given in paragraph form. Pretty dry.
  • Photographs: Tiny, black and white photos are said to “prove” beyond a shadow of a doubt and to be “obvious that”…Well, I couldn’t see anything!
    • Recommendation: Reissue with update (since book was first published 20 years ago) and highlight 3 or 4 juicy disappearances. Summarize the rest in a table, chart, or bar graph. Use larger, color photographs or link to You Tube.

The Ugly Bits

Although the book contains extensive endnotes, the number of outrageous claims made in the main body could have used footnotes. The author makes sweeping globalizations such as “Nobody could believe…” or “It is obvious that everybody would think…” In addition, he frequently uses “we” before a globalization, assuming that everybody is a white (non-Native) American for whom the Bible is a cultural heritage.

Rating: 3 UFOs

*Note: Bermuda is a British Independent Overseas Territory. The island was uninhabited when a Spanish explorer “discovered” it in 1503. The noise made by wild hogs and wild birds convinced the Spanish that it was a “Devil’s Isle” full of spirits and neither they nor the Portuguese attempted to colonize it. Unfortunately, the British weren’t so reticent and immediately began importing slaves. Ugh.

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