Now Let Us Discuss Famous Men

ChasingChasing Cosby: The Downfall of America’s Dad
by Nicole Weisensee Egan
Hardcover, $28.00 
On Street: April 23 / Seal Press / Hachette

Do you remember your favorite Bill Cosby comedy routine from the 1980s? Was it “Fat Albert” or “Noah and the Lord”, or maybe “Chocolate Cake”? You won’t hear many people quoting Cosby these days, and the author of this book is part of the reason why. In 2005, Egan was the first reporter to investigate Andrea Constand’s allegations that the Cos drugged and sexually assaulted her, and Egan has stayed on the case every since.  As an investigative journalist and senior writer, she has covered the trial for the Philadelphia Daily News, People magazine and The Daily Beast. She is also in development with ITV to make a documentary series about her reporting.

Why It’s Worth Choosing

  • This award-winning author is an expert who has spent years researching the case
  • Egan uses the narrowly-focused lens of the fall of one cultural icon to illuminate broader societal issues, such as:
    • media power
    • the criminal justice system
    • celebrity culture

Plus Two More Famous Men

I want to be clear that as far as I know, nobody has accused either Charles Darwin or Tom Hanks of sexual harassment. I was just looking for a theme for this post, and “Famous Men” seemed apropos.

The next two featured ARCs are novels:

DarwinThe Darwin Affair
by Tim Mason
Hardback, $27.95
On Street: June 11, 2019 / Algonquin / Workman Publishing

“The heat moved like a feral thing through the streets, fetid and inescapable.”

In 1860’s London, Chief Detective Inspector Charles Field must solve two simultaneous crimes: the gruesome murder of a petty thief, and an assassination attempt on Queen Victoria. Among the questions swarming around him like pesky midges:

  • Was Her Majesty really the assassin’s target?
  • Are those closest to the Crown hiding something?
  • Who is the shadowy figure witnesses describe as having lifeless coal-black eyes?

Soon Field’s investigation has uncovered  a shocking conspiracy in which the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species sets off a string of murders, arson, kidnapping and the pursuit of a diabolical madman called the Chorister.

Who it’s Worth Choosing For
Anglophiles, mystery-thriller lovers, and folks who enjoy the works of Anne Perry, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Carlos Ruiz Zafon. And also those readers who appreciate the detailed and well-researched period settings of Hilary Mantel. This debut novel is rich, witty and satisfying.

Waiting.jpgWaiting for Tom Hanks
by Kerry Winfrey
Paperback, $15.00

On Street: June 11, 2019 / Berkley Jove

Annie Cassidy dreams of being the next Nora Ephron. (One assume this is the younger Nora, before she reached the age of hating her neck.) Anyway, Annie spends her days writing screenplays, binge-watching Sleepless in Seattle, and waiting for her movie- perfect man. If only she could find her own Tom Hanks–a sweet, sensitive man who possibly owns a houseboat.

When a movie starts filming in her neighborhood and Annie gets a job on set, it seems like a sign. But alas, the lead actor is a cocky prankster who couldn’t be less like Tom Hanks if he tried. Despite her initial reaction, Annie finds herself sharing some classic rom-com moments with Drew. You can probably write the rest of this script yourself, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be as satisfying as fresh peach ice cream on a summer day. It could be like coming home…to no home you’ve ever known. Kerry Winfrey, you had us at hello.

Why it’s Worth Choosing

  • The author is a die-hard rom-com nut, with a romance obsession that easily qualifies her for Bachelor Nation
  • An entire scene in this book was inspired by the author’s friend Alicia’s “never-ending hatred for Billy Joel’s Pina Colada Song”
  • There are at least 3 real-life indie bookstores that serve as this novel’s inspiration:
    • Cover to Cover in Columbus, Ohio
    • Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati, Ohio
    • The Book Loft  in Columbus, Ohio
      • 32 rooms in a pre-Civil war-era building




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