Soon to Be Science Fiction Favorites

Because who doesn’t enjoy asking yourself “What if..” and then letting your imagination run wild? This blog features a Fantastic Three:

TheaterTheater of Spies
SM Stirling 

Paperback, $16
On Street: May 7, 2019 / ACE Originals

Theater of Spies features good old Teddy roosevelt as president once again (instead of Woodrow Wilson) as World War I rages. On his side is the Black Chamber, a secret spy network watching America’s back. (Black Chamber is the first book in this series and Theater of Spies is the sequel.) After foiling a German plot to devastate America’s coastal cities, agent Luz O’Malley Arostegui and technical genius Ciara Whelan go to California to recuperate. But their well-deserved rest is cut short by the discovery of a diabolical new weapon that could give the German Imperial Navy command of the North Sea.

Luz and Ciara must now go deep undercover in Berlin, while trailed by the dangerous German agent code-named Imperial Sword, and a band of stormtroopers led by the killer Ernst Rohm.

Why it’s Worth Choosing

  • The Wall Street Journal thinks that as a spy thriller, this series stacks up against the old classics of Kipling and John Buchan, stating that “As sci-fi, it comes off as terribly plausible, with Tom-Clancy-like mastery of old weapons, and potential ones…”
  • For fans of Stirling’s fantastic alternate Nantucket series in which a mysterious event causes the island of Nantucket to be transported back in time to 1250 BC.

LastLast Day: A Novel
Domenica Ruta
Hardback: $27

On Street: May 28, 2019 / Spiegel & Grau

Set sometime in the future: Every May 28, humanity comes together to anticipate Earth’s demise–and celebrate as if the day were truly the last. Seemingly unconnected people will converge to make this ancient holiday celebration a fateful one: Sarah is a bookish teen infatuated with Kurt, the tattoo artist she met at her parents’ Last Day party last year. But Kurt is still haunted by guilt over his role in the death of his ex. Karen is a misfit who keeps getting into trouble, which only increases when she tries to find her long-lost brother. Karen and her friend Rosette end up at the Last Kingdom on Earth church for Last Day, after Rosette leaves the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Meanwhile, a group of international astronauts–one American, one Russian, and one Japanese–observe Last Day from space.

This profoundly original novel is described as sparkling with wit, verbal ingenuity, and wild imagination, a “dazzling, haunting love letter to humanity and to our planet.”

Why it’s Worth Choosing

  • It has a fairly unique plot, at least in the details
  • For those who loved Station 11 and The Age of Miracles



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