Feel Good Fiction Times 2

There is nothing like reading a novel that shows you a good time and then leaves you feeling good about life. The kind where you finish the last page and flip to page one again. Well, this is that:

WhoWho Are You, Calvin Bledsoe? A Novel
Brock Clarke
Hardback, $26.95
On Street: August 27, 2019  / Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

Meet Calvin, a 49-year-old adult child living in his parents’ home. His ex won’t stop badgering him; he just became an orphan, and he soon discovers a mysterious aunt. Bravely abandoning his job blogging for the pellet stove industry, he embarks on the journey of a lifetime. Calvin Bledsoe will never be the same.

Why its Worth Choosing

  • If you are drawn to the quirky, the comic, and the unpredictable as I am
  • If you enjoy allegory, and the blending of the absurd and the profound
  • For fans of John Irvin and the director Wes Anderson (The Royal Tennenbaums, Grand Budapest Hotel)

And new from February, I also love:

ObjectThe Object of Your Affections: A Novel
Falguni Kothari
Paperback, $16.99
On Street: February 19, 2019 / Graydon House (Harper Collins)

Paris and Naira are best friends. When Naira leaves Mumbai after her husband’s death, she knows Paris will help her make a fresh start in New York City. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for each other. But Naira wasn’t expecting to be asked to be a surrogate mother for Paris and her husband. Does their friendship have what it takes to defy society, their families, and even their own biology?

Why its Worth Choosing

  • One of the joys of reading fiction is that sometimes, it delivers a powerful, validating message in a way that non-fiction can’t. This novel’s message is that when you forge your own path, magic can happen.
  • The author is a self-described writer of “unconventional love stories and kick-ass fantasy tales”, who is also an award-winning Indian classical, Latin, and ballroom dancer.



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