The Picnic and Suchlike Pandemonium (England)

It’s hard to imagine a more British family than the Durrells. Mother Durrell, born in India. Gerald, the naturalist, raised in Corfu before the Second World War. Larry, the novelist, sarcastic and scathing but unfailingly polite to foreigners and strangers. Leslie, the gun-crazy older brother, slightly deaf and slightly near-sighted but who refuses to get glasses. […]

A Flag Worth Dying For (All Countries)

by Tim Marshall courtesy of Auntie’s Bookstore, proudly Indie since 1978 Disclaimer: My views are NOT those of my employer. My employer has nothing to do with my blog. Even though this book isn’t about one specific country, it’s a great one to have on the blog. I learned more about the history of some […]

The Royal House of Monaco (Monaco)

by John Glatt One summer when I was 12 years old, my mother, her mother, and I grabbed big glasses of iced Coke with lemon wedges and headed on into the living room to watch what was being billed as the Wedding of the Century–Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles. Little did I know that […]

A Glimpse of Eternal Snows (Nepal)

by (Dr.) Jane Wilson-Howarth Courtesy of a special order via Coming to you as the former property of the Cumbria Council Library in England Non-fiction. An easy read that took me right back to my days in northern India, although it is about an English family’s adventures in southern Nepal. I loved this book […]

A Fish Caught in Time (Comoros Islands)

by Samantha Weinberg Courtesy of Banana Books in Long Beach, Washington After reading about the horrors of the Holocaust in The Search for Major Plagge, I had to switch to something cheerful. Enter the charming wackiness of ichthyologists in hot pursuit of their passions in A Fish Caught in Time: The Search for the Coelacanth. Ironically, this book […]

Dirty Feet (Guinea) or (Togo)

courtesy of a special order from Auntie’s Bookstore From a man with a cheesy name (ha ha)…Edem Awumey I’m not sure where to place this book in the world. Rather like the main character. But we’ll get to him in a moment. The author, Edem Awumey, is from Togo. The MC is from Guinea. But, […]

Absolute Monarchs (Vatican City)

by John Julius Norwich courtesy of a special order from Auntie’s Bookstore I wasn’t going to count Vatican City as a country. (I mean, it’s a religion inside a city, right?) I thought Popes were about religion rather than power and politics. Not always, according to this book. In fact, not often. I thought that […]

Solomon Time (Solomon Islands)

by Will Randall When you buy Solomon Time, (at least the version ISBN 9781416575276 for $35.95) you may get 2 books for the price of one. Unfortunately, it is the same book, bound together twice into one volume. It’s the first time that has happened to me–and so the book ends in what you confidently […]

The Devil’s Flu (Svalbard)

by Pete Davies This book appears on my blog courtesy of the Spokane Public Library The influenza outbreak of 1918, nicknamed the “Spanish flu”, was as scary then as the recent Ebola outbreak was a few years ago. People died in gruesome fits of bleeding and coughing. People’s lips and ears turned blue. Some people […]

Two Old Fools on a Camel (Bahrain)

by Victoria Tweed When I (blog author) was an ex-pat English teacher in Tokyo, I noticed that my fellow gaijin teachers could be divided into some broad categories: the lecherous loser (25%) the weird loner (5%) and the men and women who were just there to make money (70%).   The lecherous loser inevitably goes to an Asian country […]