Gluten Free McCall

Eating Gluten Free in McCall, Idaho

Ridleys supermarketI am not a doctor, and this is not advice. You have to do what’s best for your body. Reviews subject to change.

McCall enjoys (or tolerates, depending on whether or not you’re local) a summer and a winter tourist season. It’s an upscale playground for doctors and dentists from Boise and millionaires from California. Therefore I shouldn’t have been surprised at the large variety of GF food available.

Ridley’s Supermarket: One aisle full of GF crackers, boxed pasta, cookies, etc. near the front of the store. One section of the freezer offering GF fish sticks, chicken nuggets, ready-to-eat meals, waffles, and even donuts! Unlike Spokane, the bakery didn’t seem to have any fresh GF baked goods, but they do carry Franz GF pre-sliced in a couple different flavors.

strawberry margaritaMy Father’s Place: Awesome hamburgers, and for the summer, strawberry margaritas. Fries are safe at the time of this writing. Their GF buns are the best I’ve found: they tasted ok and didn’t fall apart on top of the burger.

Fogglifter CafĂ©: Good breakfast place. GF bread available for $1 extra. I didn’t try it as I had the Huevos Rancheros on a corn tortilla–2 eggs perfectly poached Over Medium. They mashed up pinto beans and black beans are also available. What I’m trying to say is they didn’t use refried beans from a can which make me sick. Yum!

Toll Station Pizza: Sadly I didn’t have time to drop in and say hello to Jeff and Monte, but Toll Station has been serving McCall’s best pizza since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. And I was pleased to see online that they’re now offering GF options. Check it out.