This photo is for my new friend Matti in Finland, who loves the American West.

Bear in McCall.JPG

Bear seen in my parents’ backyard in McCall, Idaho. McCall is in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, elevation 6,000+. We get six feet of snow in the winter and the temperature can drop to -60 below with wind chill. Over the years we have seen a lot of wildlife in this backyard:

* Quail * Deer * Raccoons * Silver foxes and orange foxes * Black and Brown bears * Skunks *Owls *Crows

Love to read, kayak, garden, draw, paint, write, and collect animals. We currently have, in the menagerie:

2 dogs  — Cinco and Sox 2 cats — Nala and Snickers 1 rat — Templeton (after the rat in E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web)

We rescued them all, including the rat.


McCall Sept 2012 038Templeton


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